Yankees – Man, I sure love em!

   I cannot begin to emphasize how excited I am with the start of the season. Spring and Summer are my two favorite seasons; mainly due to baseball. Of course, I always root for the Yankees. Since I was a young girl, I would always watch the games with my dad – my mom and sister would join us when there wasn’t anything else on. It would be the most peaceful and relaxing part of the day.

  Even now, after a full day of teaching 22 4th graders, I look forward to watching Melky make a great defensive catch, or Jeter hitting a homer while is parents look on in awe from the stands. I can’t explain what baseball does for me, but all I know is that it does something good. I not only love watching the games, but I enjoy playing as well. I played for about 9 years of my life. Now, almost 24, would still love to play.

   It was difficult watching the games in college because I would be the only fan in my townhouse. So when I would scream after a double play, or clap because Matsui hit one going the other way, my friends would roll their eyes. That’s why the best thing to do is to watch these games with fellow fans. Trust me, it helps.

   My students and I always talk about the games. Just this morning, my student David was saying that Melky’s excellent defensive plays were nothing and that “his Mets” are much better. Well, if I have to fight with my students, I’d rather do it over baseball.

   I am really upset that Joe Torre moved to the Dodgers. He was a magnificent manager that helped the team immensely. He will be deeply missed. I kind of wish I were a Dodgers fan so I could see more of Torre. Oh well.

   This is my first post, but please expect many more. I love to talk about games, plays, players, etc. Don’t hesitate to respond! Have a great night!